Contract Services

For blockchain oriented businesses. BlockFuse can help direct, train, or build decentralized Bitcoin and Litecoin applications tailored toward your business needs.

Many startups and businesses are interested in building both centralized and decentralized applications but are not sure where to start. We will provide you a brief overview of blockchain technology and the different types of platforms that are available for decentralized applications (DAPP's).
Because Bitcoin and Litecoin app development is so new, there is a huge talent crunch for businesses. Tell us what you want to build and we will partner with your development team and pair to build products per your requirements. We provide invaluable training so your team can take up the mantle for your project moving forward.
After collaborating together to discuss the specifics of your project, we will provide secure and hardened applications tailored to your business’s needs. These services will be built with the mindset of non-custodial longevity and security. We also specialize in Lightning Network technology.