What is BlockFuse?


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A software startup building developer focused solutions for LTC and BTC app development.

Why BlockFuse?

Let's be honest. Building applications on top of Bitcoin and Litecoin is difficult. Even if you are a top-notch programmer, you need in-depth protocol level knowledge to adapt a blockchain client to your product. The amount of time to gain this knowledge is an overwhelming barrier for many interested app developers. Here at BlockFuse, we recognize that there is a great need in this space to make this entry point more accessible.

In light of this, we've decided to reduce the technical barrier to entry for non-blockchain developers by offering tools across several reference clients such as litecoind, bitcoind, and even the Lightning Network client lnd. By open sourcing these tools, BlockFuse will open the floodgates for the exponential proliferation of application development for these two currencies.

Meet The Team

Andrew Yang

Andrew has been a consultant for various cryptocommunities as a manager and liaison. He is also a technical writer and the author of “Understanding Litecoin: The Digital Currency for Payments” published by the Litecoin Foundation.

Patrick Walters

Patrick is a developer and one of the original core team members of Aurelia. He brings a breadth of experience from open source development and community building as well as building and running his own consulting company.

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